Drilled Rock Cores – Morocco
Pannelli insonorizzanti
close-up view of roasted coffee beans
Textile equipment in the workshop

Ensuring quality products &
competitive prices

DG Commodities is a group of traders specialized in all kinds of commodities. DGC Commodities operates from the Benelux and is able to supply internationally. Among others we have direct connections or even cooperation with leading farming cooperations, mines, refinery and cement factories making us able to offer you competitive prices for any kind of trade.

Experienced in trading services

• Energy (such as crude oil, heating oil, diesel, natural gas, lpg and gasoline)
• Minerals and Metals (such as gold, silver, platinum and copper, stone, plaster, and cement)
• Livestock and Meat (such as beef, chicken, live cattle and feeder cattle)
• Agricultural (such as corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cocoa, coffee, cotton, oils and
• Chemicals, Plastics, and Rubber ( Polyethylene, polyethylene, polyacrylics, polyesters, organic and inorganic chemicals, Syntethic rubber and natural rubber)
• Wood, Pulp, and Paper
• Textiles